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I've preserved an archive of Rimas' track approaching American Samoa (Pago Pago).

This is a basic tracking page to show where Rimas has been headed and how fast he's been going over the last day or so.

The speeds and headings won't match up exactly with the Delorme tracker page because they're computed between points, not just the instantaneous reading as shown on the tracker. He's only using the Delorme intermittently, so sometimes there are no position updates for an extended period of time.

This pages refreshes approximately every 15 minutes: at 2, 17, 32, and 47 minutes past the hour. Right now, there are a few columns added with bearing and range to the entrance of the nearest harbor, not taking into account any obstructions.

Who's Rimas? A guy sailing his San Juan 24 across the Pacific. Long story. His full name is Rimas Meleshyus and he's a cold war era immigrant to the United States. A few years back, he bought a San Juan 24 and ran aground in Alaska. Now he's got another which he has sailed from Seattle to Hawaii, then to San Francisco, then to the South Pacific nearing Pago Pago, American Samoa. A few resources for the history:

Bearings are in degrees true and distances are in nautical miles. Calculations assume a spherical earth with a diameter of 3443.898nm

NOTE: The Pago Pago waypoint is the approach to the harbor, so arrival doesn't imply zero.Version 2, with the distance covered and speed representing the change between the next point in the list and the current row. If you find a bug let me know as it was rather quick and dirty. I did do a quick sanity check on dist/bearing calcs.

Rimas has been towed into Pago Pago. There may be occasional pings from him.

LatLongDate/TimeDistanceKtsHeadingBrg Pago PagoDist Pago PagoMsg if any
-14.2757-170.6922014-12-10T02:51:45Z1342.09"Sorry guys so long waiting for me i am in harbor safety pick up by harbor police and bring to the harbor transit dock today need to wait immigration clerance "