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Nathan Bossett is a San Francisco area racer and now cruiser on a variety of boats.

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Wed, 20 Aug 2014
Oakland Yacht Club Sweet Sixteen 2014-08-20
Islander 36 Renaissance Steve Douglass Mara Guttman
OYC Sweet 16 Sunset from Islander 36 Renaissance

OYC's Sweet Sixteen evening series is a great way to unwind mid-week. Our normal ride, Kit Wiegman's Islander 36 Cassiopia, was taking the week off while Kit was away. Rather than spend the evening dry, we took out sister ship Renaissance (aka "The House").

Rather than sail spinnaker division against dissimilar boats such as Wyliecats, we elected to sail non-spinnaker against another Islander 36, Sabre 34, and some similar things.

We started mid-line with good speed and position. We stretched out boat for boat out on everyone, including the Jenneau 409 which owed us almost a minute per mile. On the last windward leg he eventually caught us boat for boat, but we still won by a minute on corrected time.

Sat, 16 Aug 2014
Drake's Bay Cruise (same weekend as YRA race there) 2014-08-18
Steve Douglass after anchoring Islander 36 Renaissance
ID 35 Dark and Stormy and Express 37 Elan finishing YRA Drake's Bay Race 2014

San Francisco YRA runs an annual race to Drake's Bay. This year, instead of racing, Steve Douglass and I cruised his Islander 36 Renaissance up to Drake's Bay and camped. The race on Saturday is from Corinthian Yacht Club to Drake's Bay, honoring the Duxbury Reef marker. From Duxbury Reef on, the breeze was very light and we motored the last 16 miles or so. Pictured are a few of the earlier finishers (ID 35 Dark and Stormy and Express 27 Elan in extremely light air approaching the finish.

We rafted up with some friends from an Express 37 (Elan) and a Dogpatch 26 (Moonshine). Good fun and food.

At night, the USCG had authorized the group to fire off flares as a practice. We didn't have any but just watched the show. Unfortunately, one landed in the dry grass of the hillside and burned a big ring of grass. No serious damage though.

We got some good views of wildlife- but too far out for cellphone pictures. Harbor dolphins, a very close-up view of a sunfish, a dogfish, and on Sunday a whale that just kept breeching every 10 or 20 seconds for minutes.

Red Phosphorous Sun


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