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Mon, 28 Oct 2013
RYC Great Pumpkin 2013 on Marishanna, 28 Oct 2013
hendrik bruhns, maggie freeman, marishanna wylie 39
john freeman marishanna
sapphire synergy 1000
serge zavarin marishanna
surprise schumacher
john freeman, nathan bossett, marishanna

Full size versions of the Great Pumpkin 2013 Pictures from Marishanna are available in the usual place.

The Great Pumpkin is an annual pursuit race run by the Richmond Yacht Club. The slowest boats start first and the fastest last; theoretically everyone should finish at the same time. The fly in the ointment is that the race typically features building wind, which means that the boats starting later (the faster ones) also experience more favorable wind conditions.

The big decision during the race is whether to do the race clockwise or counterclockwise: you need to go around Angel Island and Alcatraz but you get to pick which order. We did it counterclockwise, as did the winner (Colin Moore on the Wabbit Kwazy). Some other folks who did extremely well went clockwise, such as the Cal 20 Can O' Whoopass.

The wind direction was slightly unusual, so we had one upwind leg followed by two reaches which were slightly too hot to carry a spinnaker on from Angel to Alcatraz and then from Alcatraz to Pt. Richmond. This year, RYC ran a very short upwind leg to finish.

We were a bit shorthanded and Marishanna's sails are a little tired (holes in the main) so we lost ground on the upwind versus folks like the Express 37's who share our rating. Off the wind was fun and easy sailing. While we didn't do well, for the fleet in general it was probably one of the fastest Great Pumpkins ever- we were finished by 1430 or so and the fleet was relatively tight.

We were buried in the standings. Colin Moore on the Wylie Wabbit Kwazy won by a few minutes with a variety of boat types closely following ranging from Open 5.70's to a Cal 20 and others.


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