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Fri, 29 Nov 2013
Checking out Hot Socks, Figaro 2
Out putting Hot Socks, Beneteau Figaro 2, through her paces

Hot Socks is a Beneteau Figaro 2 out of South Beach Harbor. The owner, Crispin, has signed up for Pacific Cup in 2014 and a few of us took her out the gate to check out (inlcuding Brian, her Pac Cup safety inspector).

I've never been on one before and was quite impressed. The double rudders give a very neutral helm at reasonable heel angles and she powers up nicely in the modest wind we had to work with. She's got swept spreaders and no running backs or checkstays. This particular boat used to belong to Katie Miller out of Great Britain.

We'd originally intended to head out to the Farallons but lack of wind made us rethink that as we didn't see more than 5-10 along the coast north of Pt. Bonita. We also never set the kite, but she's still fun with main and #3. The water ballast would really be a help shorthanded upwind.


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