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Mon, 14 Apr 2014
BVBC Monday Night Madness 1
Santana 35 Breakout crew
BVBC Monday Night Madness fleet
BVBC Monday Night Madness Leeward Mark

The first Bay View Boat Club Monday Night Madness started in very light air and picked up to light-medium by the finish. The Santana 35 Breakout started out with a pretty full crew (some boats were light). The fleet attracted a couple of first-timers (for the event) including one of the BAADS boats. BAADS=Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors, a charity.

Breakout was scratch boat, as usual. After a bad current call (turned out the ebb had already switched completely to a flood), we lost Capo Gato (a Nonsuch cat) boat for boat. The rest of the fleet capitalized and was right on our heels.

A tight reach leg against the rising flood let us gain back some time and the next beat let us regain second on corrected time.

Ezra, downwind
Sun, 13 Oct 2013
Bay View Boat Club Champion of Champions Regatta 12 Oct 2013

Pictures of Breakout crew and the competition are up as usual.

The three boats which had done well in preceding series:

  • Breakout, Lloyd Ritchey, Santana 35, PHRF 114
  • Cappo Gatto, Sal Balistreri, Nonsuch 30 (cat rig), PHRF 180
  • Kai Manu, John Jaundzems, Cal 29, PHRF 186

The rating spread was significant, 114 to 186. The courses were three quick windward leewards to three different leeward marks as the wind rotated over the course of the day. The course was the usual BVBC start/finish line with other fixed buoys as the leeward. The first race just took us up the shoreline. The second and third took us to NAS2 and SC respectively.

Breakout finished 3, 1, 2 for a 2nd place. We didn't have a #1 but the #2 was a reasonable size as the wind built. Being scratch boat by a large margin (needing to finish 5+ minutes ahead each race)tactics consisted mostly of trying to sail the fastest course.

In the first race, we had a poor start and took long enough to catch up on the shortest course we had very little chance of doing well even a few minutes into the race. The second and third races we pulled it together and had a longer leeward leg to gain through spinnaker work and windward leg to gain by playing current/wind. As always, the push back to the finish mark near the gray ships is a tough call in current and variable winds.


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