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Nathan Bossett is a San Francisco area racer and now cruiser on a variety of boats.

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Sat, 01 Feb 2014
GGYC Seaweed Soup Regatta
cal 30 adventure tim marsolais
cal 30 adventure tim marsolais

Full size GGYC Midwinters Pictures from Adventura, Catalina 30 are in the usual place.

GGYC hosts a monthly midwinters on the first Saturday of the month. I haven't done it in a few years but Adventure, a Cal 30, was in need of crew.

It's a mixed division; the rating spread is from about 129 (Express 27) to about 180 (the Cal 30) and including some odd pairings like a couple of IOD's. Our focus was on Stratocaster (J32, owner's previous boat was the Santana 35 Spirit of Elvis), Capo Gato (a Nonsuch cat boat), and a Cal 29.

Adventure's owner being absent, Tim Marsolais took the helm and asked me to run tactics. We had a fun and willing group. There was an initial postponement to allow the wind to arrive but after that there was plenty of breeze.

The course was a couple of laps up and down the cityfront as a windward leeward. The current was just in the process of changing over from a flood to an ebb, which gave us the chance to make some great gains against Stratocaster and Capo Gato as they didn't seem to notice the changeover soon enough during the second lap.

Boatspeed was good and our sailhandling was adequate- could have been better if the group had time to practice this particular lineup. We made no serious mistakes and the kite work was fine. We were particularly pleased to be keeping up with the J-32 and the Nonsuch boat for boat when the J-32 owed us a lot of time. We finished 4th on corrected time, behind the Express 27 and the two IOD's. Given the strong current, the Express was probably untouchable. I don't have much experience racing PHRF against IOD's so I'm not sure how well we're expected to do against them.

foredeck Harp Catalina 38


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