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Nathan Bossett is a San Francisco area racer and now cruiser on a variety of boats.

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Sun, 14 Dec 2014
BYC Midwinters, Saturday and Sunday Dec 13-14 2014

We participated in both days, fully crewed on Saturday (James, Ryan, Daniel, and I) and doublehanded on Sunday (Mark L. and I).

On Saturday, we ran a little late and then the engine died halfway to the starting line. We started badly late and finished last but had a good chance to practice maneuvers with our new group.

On Sunday, we got a good pin end start but then split with the fleet and were proven badly wrong.

Thanks to the group for hanging in and managing to have fun. A few pictures from Sunday (and a couple of other boats Saturday) are over at Smugmug.

The Elise blog will have a few detailed notes later. For now, this picture of bay salad summarizes my feelings about the results this weekend.

plants washed out by the storm on San Francisco Bay
Sat, 06 Dec 2014
GGYC Midwinters, Dec 4 2014

Elise was looking light on crew until Nat and I ran into Steve Katzman of Diane at the bakery while I was picking up a few sails from Bernal Heights. Carefully weighing the merits of boatwork vs going sailing, he hopped on with us.

A few pictures from the Golden Gate Midwinters. Crew Mark, Daniel, Steve , and Nathan. We were a little late to a really light air start because of misjudging the current. But, by the last mark we were the 1st Express 27 out of five. There, El Raton and Opa! split for the beach to get current relief. We liked the wind outside better, but spent some time under an Olson 40 and Express 37 getting blanketed and lost them. Absent those boats, it was probably slightly better to stay outside: we then split with the other two E27's to get over to the beach and probably lost a few second but still finished ahead. So a 3rd in division for us for the day.

Full size pics over at Elise GGYC Midwinters 2014 December.

And few pictures from Serge on shore: (his full event gallery is at his Ultimate Yachtshots gallery.


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