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Nathan Bossett is a San Francisco area racer and now cruiser on a variety of boats.

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Fri, 17 Oct 2014
Richmond Yacht Club (RYC) Interclub Oct 11, 2014

Richmond hosted this iteration of the Interclub series. Wysiwyg the Olson 30 was out with a bunch of regulars and me as pickup crew.

We won the start with perfect timing at the Committee boat end. Unfortunately, we popped the spinnaker on the second downwind and, on handicap, didn't do well for the race.

Still, some great crew work by the group in puffy conditions. Thanks to Hendrik for hosting.

Sat, 04 Oct 2014
Islander 36 Nationals, Oct 4 2014
Cassiopia crew Islander 36 Nationals, Dan Primus, Jason 
Murray, Dave Barclay, Mara Guttman, Nathan Bossett
serenity islander 36 eric mueller serge zavarin
Islander 36 windward mark

Full size images at Smugmug.

Golden Gate Yacht Club hosted the 2014 Islander 36 Nationals. We had a pretty good turnout of 8 boats. I was on Kit Wiegman's Cassiopia. I've also sailed with Eric Mueller who brought his Serenity up from the South Bay looking sharp after her extended refit. We had an experienced crew of (besides Kit) Dan Primus, Mara Guttman, Jason Murray, Dave Barclay, and I. Though theoretically one design, the fleet does handicapping based on type of propeller and jib size. We were in the group with the fastest rating, owing many of the other boats time.

The wind was so light that we didn't even get our own postponement; we had to sit there watching the postponement that belonged to the event using the race deck before our committee. After lunch, the breeze picked up fairly suddenly to fun and warm light/medium conditions.

The first race was a triangular Central Bay tour: upwind from the GGYC to Blackaller on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, then over to Hardingg Rock, down to Blossom Rock, and back up to finish. We had a slightly slow start and a bit of difficulty finding our upwind groove. Thereafter, we pulled out, were ahead by the windward mark after a nice layline call, and ultimately won by two minutes or so corrected.

The second race was a windward-leeward course between Blackaller and the Fort Mason buoy. In the event of a tied event, there would have been a third race. Solution: win the second race too.

Renaissance Islander 36 Steve Douglass islander 36


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