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Fri, 18 Apr 2014
Encinal Twilight Series #2
vegetables ready for grilling

The second race in the 2014 Encinal twilight series featured upper #1 range breeze and a windward mark which could be just fetched from the starting line.

We thought we owed everyone in the division time, but it turns out that two out of seven owe us a small amount of time. Fortunately, most of the division started at the wrong end of the line and our boatspeed and pointing were excellent. We were even able to pull out steadily on Lorraine Salmon's Merit 25 Dominatrix upwind. Usually she has a significant advantage on the upwinds and My Tahoe Too needs to earn her time on the deep downwind angles.

We got the gun and corrected out well ahead of everyone. Great race!

I forgot the camera during the race, so here are a few pictures of what our chef (Ben Westenberg) whipped up afterwards. Plus the birthday cake my parents had shipped out and arrived late but fresh.

Birthday Cake
Wed, 16 Apr 2014
Richmond Yacht Club Wednesday Night
Richmond Yacht Club Wednesday Night fleet
Hendrik Bruhns and David on Olson 30 Wysiwyg
Terry White on Olson 30 Wysiwyg

In spring/summer, Richmond Yacht Club hosts a series of Wednesday evening races. They're informally conducted and mainly a chance to unwind followed by dinner.

We took Hendrik and Colin's Olson 30 Wysiwyg out and had several Express 27's and a few heavier boats to compete against in our group. The course was from the RYC breakwater out to Southampton Shoal and back.

We flew a #3 the whole way but would have been better off with a #1 for the first 15 minutes or so along the Richmond shore. The #3 was the appropriate choice for most of the upwind, though. Compared to the other boats nearby, we had a much better handle on trimming the boat up versus last time. We also had a clean spinnaker set and gybes.

I'm not sure what the scoring system was but we were one of the first few boats back. Nice evening!

Wysiwyg, Olson 30, finishing
RYC Wednesday Night races at sunset
Mon, 14 Apr 2014
BVBC Monday Night Madness 1
Santana 35 Breakout crew
BVBC Monday Night Madness fleet
BVBC Monday Night Madness Leeward Mark

The first Bay View Boat Club Monday Night Madness started in very light air and picked up to light-medium by the finish. The Santana 35 Breakout started out with a pretty full crew (some boats were light). The fleet attracted a couple of first-timers (for the event) including one of the BAADS boats. BAADS=Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors, a charity.

Breakout was scratch boat, as usual. After a bad current call (turned out the ebb had already switched completely to a flood), we lost Capo Gato (a Nonsuch cat) boat for boat. The rest of the fleet capitalized and was right on our heels.

A tight reach leg against the rising flood let us gain back some time and the next beat let us regain second on corrected time.

Ezra, downwind
Sun, 13 Apr 2014
Resin Regatta, SFYC, Day 2 (Sunday)
Elise's crew- Chris Sears, Aaron Lewis, James Smith, Mike Sowa, and Nathan Bossett (not shown)
Mike Sowa, James Smith, and Chris Sears setting up for a spinnaker evolution
Libra's crew (Express 27)
Express 27's behind us

Full size pics of Elise the Express 27's SFYC Resin Regatta 2014 are in the usual place (both days together).

For Sunday of the San Francisco Yacht Club's Resin Regatta, we had a full crew (vs Saturday's one-body-short racing). It was also Mike Sowa's last day on Elise for a while as he's due for a job transfer out of the area.

Joining us were James, Aaron, and Chris in a team which worked surprisingly well together as a first time performance. It was only a two race day and we got lucky with a first race featuring 8-12 kt winds, allowing us to get into the rythm of tacks and gybes.

We finished right in the middle of the fleet in each race (4 out of 7, Wile not having returned for Sunday). In each race, we had a great start followed by either a boatspeed or sail handling problem, followed by gaining back a couple of boats.

We had consistently good spinnaker handling, gaining distance on each downwind and cleanly executing a variety of douses.

Image note: There was a nice red, white, and blue set of spinnakers ahead of us at one finish, balanced by a somewhat more varied bunch behind us.

Red, white, and blue ahead of us (Express 27's)
Sat, 12 Apr 2014
Resin Regatta, SFYC, Day 1 (Saturday)
Nat Criou, Mark Lazar, Spinnaker Douse Step 1
Nat Criou, Mark Lazar, Spinnaker Douse Step 2
Nat Criou, Mark Lazar, Spinnaker Douse Step 3

Full size pics of Elise the Express 27's SFYC Resin Regatta 2014 are in the usual place (both days together).

The SFYC Resin Regatta was a Saturday/Sunday event on the Berkeley Circle. Saturday we had Nat, Mark, and Nathan as regulars and Chris as a welcome guest. The breeze was up all day for three races of thorough workout: #3 from the start of the first race and building from there. The courses were windward-leeward: the first two being two laps and finishing to leeward with the final race containing an extra windward leg. We had a fleet of 8 Express 27's, the expected turnout. Our finishes were 5, 7, 5 (with the last race probably really being a 4 if our assumption about one boat not properly returning to the starting area after a recall pans out).

Good starts, reasonable boatspeed given our shorthanded (4 people and light weight for the conditions) state. A satisfactory day with a few dramatic boathandling errors, one of which led to losing a spinnaker sheet.

I did catch a few good pictures of Nat and Mark Lazar conducting a windward takedown: preparing, pulling the pole off while Nat pushes the guy out to keep the spinnaker full, and then stowing the pole while Nat prepares to pull the spinnaker down to port. Not shown: Chris releasing the guy so Nat can gather the foot and Mark releasing the halyard to let it tumble into her hands.

Sat, 05 Apr 2014
Richmond Yacht Club Interclub Series #1
fire in Marin
henrik bruhns, Linda, and Ethan on Olson 30 Wysiwyg
Janne Bruhns

Hendrik took us out for the first RYC interclub of the season on his and Colin Moore's Olson 30 Wysiwyg. We had a fresh bottom job and a mixed PHRF fleet which included another Olson 30 to play with.

The event started out with a blaze (on the horizon, over near Marin) but our final result was less exciting. We had trouble pointing and with boatspeed upwind. Downwind, we were only a little faster than the Hawkfarm in our division- not enough to earn our handicap.

Light to medium air and a mostly out of the current course should have made it easy to get together. We should take a serious look at mast rake and tune. This was the boat's first race other than casual weeknight events in several years so it may take a little while to shake off the dust.

Linda and Ethan
Fri, 04 Apr 2014
Encinal Twilight Series #1
Steve and Mara on My Tahoo Too, Capri 25
slice-wilderness 32

Spring is here with the start of the Encinal Yacht Club Spring Twilight Series on alternate Fridays. It's a nice break after work. This week featured clear and fairly warm conditions for the actual race but the cold rain immediately before explains Steve's bundling up.

On Steve Douglass' Capri 25My Tahoo Too, we're the rabbit in our division this year: we owe everyone time. The conditions were steady but not excessive #1 weather with long starboard tacks but not a reach parade up to the windward mark and a nice spinnaker leg down.

We owed significant time to everyone but think we made it for a first place.

Cal 28


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