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Sun, 30 Mar 2014
ZYC Challenge
Red Sky, Olson 34, Brian Boscha, leading the ZYC Challenge
Elise, Express 27, Nathalie Criou
Echappee, Nathan Bossett, Amel Maramu
Four Sails, Echappee, Amel Maramu
Steve Douglass and Ben Westenburg on Echappee

March 30 was the second attempt at the ZYC Challenge. Nat Criou had been trying to get me to race my house and Serge decided it would be fun to procure a perpetual trophy. It was conceived as a singlehanded event out to the lightship and back. It wound up challenged in both ways: weather and tide made the lightship attempt inadvisable in the amount of time we had and I had invited a few folks along.

The boats which made it to the starting line were Elise the Express 27 (Nathalie Criou), Red Sky the Olson 34 (Brian Boschma) and my own Amel Maramu Echappee. The unpleasantness of the weather during the shorthanded event the previous day cost us a competitor or two as did an engine problem. The final course agreed upon was starting at Mason, passing near Anita Rock, heading to the Berkeley Circle (XOC), rounding Treasure Island, and passing under the Bay Bridge to finish.

Echappee is not as nimble as Elise or Red Sky tacking upwind although I was pleasantly surprised with boatspeed. By Anite, Red Sky and Elise were quite far ahead.

We only flew one spinnaker downwind (from the mizzen) and had to point quite high to carry it because it was rigged asymmetrically. For the future, I have to get blocks, lines, and winches set up to run spinnakers.

On the plus side, we we were flying four sails (our competition only 2, which is hardly even trying). We also had excellent meat and vegetarian tacos as well as guacemole and other necessities of racing life (courtesy of Ben). Thanks to the group (Steve, Mara, Ben) for a great time and to Nat+Serge for kicking it off.

Pics taken by me except the one of Echappee, which was taken by Nat from Elise. Full size ZYC Challenge Pictures are at the usual place.

Ben Westenburg and Mara Guttman on Echappee Steve Douglass on Echappee Lunch, ZYC Challenge, Vegetarian Tacos


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