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Nathan Bossett is a San Francisco area racer and now cruiser on a variety of boats.

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Fri, 29 Nov 2013
Checking out Hot Socks, Figaro 2
Out putting Hot Socks, Beneteau Figaro 2, through her paces

Hot Socks is a Beneteau Figaro 2 out of South Beach Harbor. The owner, Crispin, has signed up for Pacific Cup in 2014 and a few of us took her out the gate to check out (inlcuding Brian, her Pac Cup safety inspector).

I've never been on one before and was quite impressed. The double rudders give a very neutral helm at reasonable heel angles and she powers up nicely in the modest wind we had to work with. She's got swept spreaders and no running backs or checkstays. This particular boat used to belong to Katie Miller out of Great Britain.

We'd originally intended to head out to the Farallons but lack of wind made us rethink that as we didn't see more than 5-10 along the coast north of Pt. Bonita. We also never set the kite, but she's still fun with main and #3. The water ballast would really be a help shorthanded upwind.

Wed, 27 Nov 2013
Thanksgiving-Eve Tour of San Francisco Bay
daniel bossett henry bossett echappee
evan bossett mom daniel bossett amy bossett
golden gate bridge sunset
san francisco bay bridge at night

Much of my family was kind enough to come out for a Thanksgiving visit. In addition to yacht club turkey and fixings, we had some good weather and did a tour of the bay on Echappee the afternoon and evening before Thanksgiving. The bay was fairly empty except for a bit of commercial traffic; we had calm and clear weather.

We spanned sunset on a round trip from Alameda just outside the Golden Gate Bridge and Back, stopping for all of the usual tourist spots such as the bridge view itself and the sea lions and tourists at Pier 37. Serge made us lattes halfway through.

Great week and chance to show everyone the new house.

(Pics from my father, Henry Bossett, except for the one he's in)

oakland container terminal echappee
mom daniel bossett echappee san francisco at night from the water
Fri, 15 Nov 2013
Amel Maramu Offshore Racing/Safety

Amel Maramus are extremely well-built boats for offshore use. In fitting Echappee for offshore competition, here are some notes on rules and compliance

Singlehanded Transpac (SHTP) 2014 safety rules

Some of the safety regs aren't really checklist items (such as being "...properly rigged and ballasted, be fully seaworthy...". I also omit the simple equipment checklist items (wooden plugs next to through-hulls, etc.).

RuleTopicRequirementAmel Maramu Notes
4.07.1Lifeline materialUncoated stainless ro dyneemaCruisers often use coated, not allowed
4.07.2Max stanchion spacing87"Varies between around 44" and 54" with the max spacing around the place where the stanchions have shrouds in between them. Easily legal.
4.07.4Lifelines, boats over 43' longTop lifeline >=24" above deck, max vertical gap 15" and minimum diameter 3/16" Top is stainless tube, about 26" above deck level.Vertical gaps of about 11 1/4". Structure dimensions easily legal, inspect wire diameter to make sure 3/16" or better.
4.08Foredeck toerail heightAt least 3/4" Maramus have about 3" toerails all the way around, easy pass.
4.22Storm coverings for large windowshave for any window above 2 ft^2 area?
4.24Water tanks
Sun, 03 Nov 2013
IYC Jack and Jill Plus One Regatta 2013
Lucie and Ben Mewes on Georgia
Faster Faster! and Nice Turn

Full size pictures from Georgia of the IYC Jack and Jill Plus One Race 2013 are at the usual place.

Once a year, Island Yacht Club holds a regatta with the requirement of a female skipper, a male crew, and another crew of optional gender. It's a good-natured race up and down the Alameda estuary.

Ben and Lucie Mewes, about to take their Van de Stadt 41 to Mexico, offered me the third slot. I was walking wounded, having very little use of my right hand after a really bad ropeburn from the previous day. So, tactics and main trimming it was.

We sailed non-spinnaker division but did pole the jib out for a while. Georgia is a hard-chine wooden racer and she performs surprisingly well upwind even when loaded down for cruising. We were the scratch boat (fastest in the group, owing in the neighborhood of 100 seconds per mile to the rest).

Our start was excellent with good position and great speed off the line, coming in at the pin end on starboard tack. We then had clear air and set about trying to earn our handicap against the others, with David Ross's Merit 25 Faster Faster!, skippered by Kathy Williamson, close behind.

The wind was light to medium with port tack being the long one each hop back and forth: starboard tack was essentially across the estuary rather than down it so we'd move toward the mark on port and than tack over to starboard when the Oakland shore was too close.

We were quick but not quick enough to get the 4 minute lead we would have needed to stop Faster Faster! from correcting out in front of us. First over the line and second corrected, not bad for Lucie and Ben's house.

Sat, 02 Nov 2013
Echappee Gets a Spinnaker Inventory
Nathan Bossett and Brian Boschma test-flying a spinnaker on Echappee the Amel Maramu

It's not entirely usual for Maramus to fly spinnakers but Echappee needs a few in order to get into racing and slightly higher performance cruising. She didn't come with any but not having them just didn't feel right to a racer.

Enter Ben and Lucie Mewes, who are about to exit stage left towards Mexico and had some surplus inventory to unload. Brian was kind enough to hop aboard and go play in the South Bay.

The asymmetrical seems to fit quite well even though the mast height of the original boat was a bit taller (pictured). The proportions in the picture look a bit odd because standing on the stern of a ketch to take a picture leaves you further aft relative to the dimensions of the spinnaker than you'd be able to get on a sloop. The 1.5 symmetrical seemed ok from the half hoist we got out of it before shrimping. Oops.

Offer made and accepted, Echappee now has three kites!


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